Dawson School, which claims to be Boulder County’s premier K-12 independent (read: private) school, is hosting a forum for discredited “scientist” Lisa McKenzie, most recently panned for authoring a study that claimed people who lived within 500 feet of oil and gas production had an increased risk of cancer. Of course, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment responded to her study with, “Right, that’s why we have 500-foot setback rules, but thanks for trying to inspire mass hysteria.” Or similar. We might be paraphrasing.

According to Dawson, the goal of this information session is to provide facts from both sides of the issue; however, to our knowledge, there are no speakers invited from the oil and gas industry. There are several speakers from the University of Colorado. There’s McKenzie. There are her colleagues from AirWaterGas.org, which is funded by the environmental lobby. Where are the oil and gas industry representatives?

Here’s what the invitation said:

If Dawson is truly attempting to provide a public service (as opposed to propaganda), it’s imperative that a representative or representatives from the oil and gas industry speak at the event as well. In fact, perhaps if Dawson was looking for a balanced view of fracking, the school should invite the COGCC, the oil and gas regulatory body, and the CDPHE in addition to industry representatives. Otherwise, this is nothing but propaganda.

This isn’t the first time that fractivists have tried to use Colorado schools to advance their agenda. Just about a year ago, Broomfield public charter school, Prospect Ridge Academy, was bullied by fractivists into returning money donated by an oil and gas company.¬†Because public schools are so flush with cash. Just ask the teachers who walked out earlier this week.

And, let’s not forget, the Martinez in the Martinez case got his start as¬†Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a kid who rapped in schools encouraging kids to reject fracking. See the video below.

This type of blatant politicization of science doesn’t belong in an academic institution (looking at you, University of Colorado) of any level, much less a K-12 school. Parents, especially those who undoubtedly work in oil and gas, should be outraged.