Hickenlooper isn’t taking off the gloves.

Gov. Hickenlooper is performing the worst strip tease in the history of burlesque politics to signal his intentions for a White House run.

It’s such a bad performance, even Mayor Hancock would storm out in a huff.

It’s been months now, and so far Hick has only managed to slip off his parka. We suspect the lace gloves are attached with glue.

In the latest headline grab from Washington, D.C., where Hick received an award for creating more bureaucracy, he was asked for the millionth time if he will run.

His comments were prompted by the Colorado media, but completely ignored by the more cynical Beltway press.

Probably because he didn’t commit to anything except someday, maybe, thinking about running for president.

His summer schedule for thinking might be open, he lamely signaled.

We’ve already done our thinking, and suggest Hick put his coat back on and walk away from this political fantasy.