One might assume, incorrectly, that the above headline from the Denver Post tells the story of a state Supreme Court that has found something amiss with U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, personally, that prohibits him from running for office.

Lamborn should be “kept” off the ballot, the Post says the court ruled.

But that’s not what the court said at all. It was a petition circulator whose 58 signatures where invalidated because the names were collected by someone who is not a Colorado voter. The signatures were thrown out, so Lamborn cannot use that process to get on the ballot.

The only way a court could rule someone should be “kept” off the ballot is if that person didn’t qualify to run, like the candidate wasn’t old enough or didn’t live in the state.

We’re not ready to flash the “fake news” red lights, but the headline is a little pejorative, derogatory, bitchy.

Maybe they were just in a foul mood, because, as they write, Lamborn hung up on reporters who kept calling him before he had a chance to read the ruling and talk to his lawyer before commenting.

In other real news, Lamborn says he will challenge the court’s ruling:

“The Colorado Supreme Court just provided an avenue to have a federal court strike down residency requirements for candidate circulators,” Deputy Colorado Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert said in a statement.