More details are spilling out in the Han(d)cock sextgate scandal, including an allegation by his honor’s security detail that her $75,000 settlement with the city was hush money to keep those texts under wraps.

The Denver Post, in a thorough report, says Leslie Branch-Wise was told the city would settle her claim in exchange for silence, and at least one former council member isn’t happy with the news.

Susan Shepherd was a councilwoman when the lawsuit — ostensibly against a mayor’s aide for sexual harassment — was settled and disclosed to council members in 2013.

She says she has been disgusted and furious about Hancock’s conduct.

“Absolutely we were not given all the information,” Shepherd said. “There is physical evidence that this sexual harassment took place between the mayor and her,” she added, referring to the texts. “So absolutely, we were duped.”

Hancock has apologized for being “too familiar, too casual” in his texts to Branch-Wise.

But we still don’t buy it. In this day and age, casual office banter just doesn’t involve questions about pole dancing or other activities associated with strip bars. Or, how hard it is on a “brotha” to “keep it correct” in the presence of his co-workers.