More than a half-million kids will get a day off from school this week because teachers are demanding a pay raise and they don’t care how many parents are inconvenienced or that they are cheating their students of a learning day.

Here’s a list of forced school closures, which includes Denver.

At least Denver is docking teachers for unscheduled leave and they will have to forfeit a personal day — or a union business day.

That’s right, in addition to time off for illness, personal reasons, the entire summer, Christmas and New Year’s week plus spring break, and extended Thanksgiving holidays, teachers get days off to conduct union business.

We also reported earlier that the average salary of a Colorado teacher is $42,800 a year, but that’s before all that paid vacation leave is factored in that normal people don’t get, and that puts their average pay at $57,855 a year.

This week, we will hear again the complaint lodged by teachers for decades (every time they demand raises) that they have to work longer than the average school day.

Of course, what professional doesn’t work longer than the 40-hour week they are paid? That’s not exclusive to teachers.

We will hear how the profession of teaching is more noble and a higher calling and not just for the money — as they demand more money.

What we won’t hear from the teachers and their union is any remorse for causing an inconvenience to parents, or costing taxpayers $11.5 million for the cost of their walk-out.