Yesterday, we brought news that Democrat Levi Tilleman (Dick), who is battling it out with Chosen One Jason Crow for the Democratic nomination in the Sixth Congressional District, secretly recorded his conversation with Minority Whip Steny Hoyer during which Hoyer tried to convince Tilleman (Dick) to get out of the race. The entire thing was delicious.

We thought that Democrats would have some shame around trying to fix this contentious primary. We thought wrong. Following that recording, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi backed up Hoyer’s behavior saying:

I don’t see anything inappropriate in what Mr. Hoyer was engaged in — a conversation about the realities of life in the race as to who can make the general election.” (The Peak’s emphasis)

Wow. Really? Pelosi doesn’t see any problem with thumbing the scales in favor of Crow (who?) instead of allowing Colorado’s Democratic voters to decide? We suspect that the voters would take issue with this approach. In any case, it’s a circular argument. She’s suggesting that the reality is that Crow can make the general election because he has the resources to do so, but he only received the resources because they decided he could play well in the general election. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Either way, we’re still waiting on a response from Jason Crow, who has been hiding for two days (in or out of his potential future district is unclear) from this news. Interested voters want to know whether Crow sees a problem with this type of behavior.

The other bit of information we have yet to receive is who exactly picked Crow? Hoyer blamed the Colorado delegation, but the Colorado delegation, specifically Democratic Reps. Diana DeGette, Jared Polis, and Ed Perlmutter each have denied involvement with the selection of Crow.

This ain’t going away guys. We’re going to keep asking and asking and asking until a) Crow comments and b) we get to the bottom of who picked Crow.