In a sad and pathetic attempt to court hipster voters and get elected governor, a 64-year-old woman got a giant “C” tattooed on her arm.

It stands for Colorado, and Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne says it proves just how desperate she is to move out of last place hard she will work if elected governor.

No one was supposed to know about her media stunt visit to the tattoo parlor, it was supposed to be super secret so the event could be filmed for a very public campaign ad.

That secret lasted long enough for Lynne to sit down and then boom! The Denver Post miraculously arrived to write a story about her sad idea history of getting tattoos then post this — photographic evidence that Lynne has jumped the political shark. And, page designers are getting laid off at the newspaper.

It may be the most desperate plea for office we’ve ever witnessed, but we give Lynne extra accounting points for figuring out a way to write off her third tattoo as a campaign expense.

Her political donors, however, might disagree with her spending habits.