You know you’re out of touch when you suggest that the solution to our state’s traffic woes are to get drivers off the road and into public transportation. Of course that’s Democrat Rep. Faith Winter’s suggestion after she gutted transportation funding that Republicans had teed up for House Democrats in order to fix the backlog of transportation projects necessary to alleviate our congested roads.

Here is her tweet offering a solution for basically nobody:

Well, first, Rep. Winter, it would help if buses or light rail went anywhere that we wanted to go. Like our house after work. Or the grocery store. Or the dry cleaners. Or to pick up kids from school. Shall we go on?

It’s the height of arrogance for Winter, who routed funds that Republicans had tagged in legislation for transportation to liberal pet projects like teachers unions and Medicaid.

Why do Democrats like Faith Winter hate middle class families so? Maybe Rep. Winter and the rest of her caucus should take public transportation. Oh wait. Then, we’d learn that public transportation doesn’t go to from their house to the Capitol either.

Let them eat cake, indeed.