That giant smooching sound you hear is the puckering of liberal political lips on the rump of their liberal local newspaper as reporters struggle to free themselves from corporate overlords who have the audacity to pay them salaries.

We’re speaking of the Boulder City Council, which doesn’t give a second thought to our Second Amendment rights. But now they’ve approved a resolution declaring their support for the First Amendment and the Boulder Daily Camera.

“The Boulder City Council, recognizing the importance of a free and fair press, and respecting the First Amendment, supports full editorial and journalistic independence for the local press,” the declaration reads.

We know the declaration passed, because the Boulder Daily Camera wrote the article about how great the press is, the suffering they’ve endured because their industry is dying, then they smooched the council in return.

For those not following the seedy underbelly of internal politics at Alden Global Capital, they own the Camera and Denver Post and more than a dozen newspapers and are an investment firm in New York City.

They recently announced lay-offs, and the Daily Camera editorial page editor was fired after blasting the company on some blog after the paper refused to print as an editorial.

In his opinion piece, former editor Dave Krieger criticized his bosses by quoting what competing news outlets had to say about the owners’ spending habits and affinity for mansions.

Now the newspaper reporters are begging for someone else to buy them and be their new boss, because that’s how many news media folks think the free market system works. You get hired for a job, trash the owners and then demand they sell their company so you can have a new boss.

By all means, let’s protect the First Amendment, even when some people are too lame-brained to use it.