UPDATE: Cary Kennedy finally submitted her report and, lo and behold, her fundraising numbers did not suck. She outraised Johnston (making this post’s title somewhat inaccurate). Kennedy raised $808,727 and still has $435,505 cash on hand. Not bad, but still no Jared Polis territory.

Normally, raising a ton of money in a primary would be considered a sign of a strong campaign, but somehow former state Sen. Michael Johnston’s detractors have turned his fundraising prowess into a bad thing, suggesting he’s bought by rich people.

Johnston, so far, is leading the pack in terms of funds raised and cash on hand, unless you count U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who has written himself over $6.35 million in campaign donations so far. If only Johnston’s fundraising ability could translate into name recognition and votes. Unfortunately, every poll taken shows him at about 5%. Ouch.

Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne has the same issue. She raised about half what Johnston did, but nobody knows her either. Unfortunately, we did not see her tattoo itemized on her campaign finance report, so we assume that’s coming with the next report.

As of 11:32 p.m., Cary Kennedy had not submitted her campaign finance report. We can only assume that means her numbers suck. But we will be happy to report when she finally submits her campaign finance report.

Michael Johnston

Raised: $607,276

Spent: $498,642

COH:  $838,401

Cary Kennedy

Raised: Who knows?

Spent: Maybe she unfortunately crashed her car filming another campaign video, is seeking medical treatment, and cannot file her report. We hope that’s not the case, but it seems plausible.

COH: Probably less than Jared Polis can write a check to overcome.

Donna Lynne

Raised: $341,601

Spent: $478,602

COH: $311,218

Jared Polis

Raised: $5,001,934 (raised mostly from his bank account)

Spent: $4,875,629

COH: $506,660