UPDATE: At 11:57 p.m., Rep. Justin Everett submitted his campaign finance report. He claims to not have spent a single dollar, like Lopez. He raised just $5,573 and has $32,054 on hand. 

We’re not sure what happened with Democrats this quarter, but their state treasurer fundraising has been utterly anemic. Businessman Brian Watson was the big winner of the Treasurer candidates with his $229,000 haul. Next biggest haul is from Rep. Polly Lawrence who brought in around $120,000. Unless Justin Everett submits a shocking fundraising number.

Then, the numbers nosedive. Democrat Rep. Dave Young raised just $31,000 this quarter, which is pretty pathetic. His Democratic opponent Bernard Douthit raised a paltry $12,000. These guys know this race is statewide, right? That these sorts of races cost money? You wouldn’t think so from their fundraising numbers.


Justin Everett

Raised: Unclear because he has not submitted his campaign finance report as of 11:50 p.m.

Spent: Who knows?

COH: Time is ticking and your campaign finance report is due, Rep. Everett. We’re tired and going to bed. Tick. Tock.

Polly Lawrence

Raised: $120,589

Spent: $171,600

COH: $37,362

Brian Watson

Raised: $229,799

Spent: $218,477

COH: $164,969

Democrats (who did not put the treasure in Treasurer):

Bernie Douthit

Raised: $12,723

Spent: $29,000

COH: $21,344

Dave Young

Raised: $31,351

Spent: $45,619

COH: $17,004