In one of the most cynical and mean-spirited editorials that we have read in a long time, left-wing Aurora Sentinel editorial page editor Dave Perry went on a vicious attack of the most successful firearms training course for teachers in America.  FASTER, or Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response, is lead in Colorado by Laura Carno, and it stands alone as the most comprehensive and sensible framework for immediate response tactics in school shooting situations.

FASTER involves having adults with firearms and first aid training in schools, along with the proper medical supplies to stop bleeding and open airways, such as compression bandages, tourniquets, and j-tubes.  Teachers learn basic first aid that is used by the military to treat battlefield injuries and stabilize casualties until they can get to the next level of medical treatment.

For centuries, the most effective means to deal with a determined killer has been to respond with firepower.  It is how police, as well as ordinary citizens, face deadly threats every day in America.  There is no more effective means of stopping a mass killer, and it is unreasonable to deny this level of protection to some of our most vulnerable – children in school.

FASTER also focuses on first aid, because in the aftermath of a mass casualty event, medical first responders are not allowed into the crime scene until it is cleared by police.  That could take precious minutes, or even hours.  In the meantime, victims die from wounds that would not necessarily have been fatal if treated quickly with first aid.

We doubt that Perry even spent five minutes educating himself on the FASTER curriculum.  His full-throated hatred for FASTER and it’s founder, Laura Carno, made him look like an unhinged lunatic.  He called the program a “Colorado nightmare” and ridiculed teachers that he claimed wanted to bring firearms to school for show and tell.  He also demeans our teachers, saying that the instruction shows educators “the pointy end of the bullet goes towards the front of the gun.”

It is astonishing that a newspaper such as the Sentinel would allow such a bizarre rant to go to press.  Maybe it is a desperate attempt for readership as the legacy media continues to circle the drain.

At the end of the day, we have just one question for Perry, and his friends on the left: if you were a teenager in a classroom under attack from a gunman, would you rather your teacher be armed, or not?  Exactly.