Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne’s top campaign consultants in her Democratic primary race for governor are abandoning ship on the heels of her latest fundraising report that reveals a snowball melting in Hell.

Campaign manager Ethan Susseles is bolting, as is Curtis Hubbard who handled communications, reports The Colorado Independent.

Lynn is struggling to raise the millions Jared Polis is pulling from his own pocket, or coming even close to what Cary Kennedy or Mike Johnston are raising, and big bucks are needed to compete in this season’s Democratic primary.

Hubbard’s excuse is that he has more important things to focus on than the governor’s race — a ballot initiative for redistricting.
Susseles also had a lame excuse:

“I was with the campaign through the important milestone of getting Donna on the ballot and encouraged the campaign to bring on new leadership for the final two months of the race,” Susseles told The Colorado Independent.

Of course the people who ran her campaign and acted as her spokesperson won’t say they’re leaving because she’s losing. Or perhaps it was just the ridiculous tattoo stunt she pulled and the fake health care accomplishment she claimed.

But riddle us this: how often do key staffers flee from winning campaigns, especially with only six weeks to go until Election Day?