Well, this is something you don’t see every day. The Washington Post praising a Republican? Crazy talk. Then again, it is Wayne Williams, one of the most likeable guys in politics. In addition, to being known for his winning personality, he’s now known for his competence.

The headline reads: How Colorado became the safest state to cast a vote. Here are a few measures the state as implemented under Williams’ leadership, according to the article:

“Colorado has done virtually everything election experts recommend states do to stave off a repeat of 2016, when Russian hackers targeted 21 states as part of the Russian government’s massive election interference campaign.

“The state records every vote on a paper ballot. It conducts rigorous post-election audits favored by voting researchers. Nearly every county is equipped with up-to-date voting machines. Election officials take part in security trainings, and IT workers test computer networks for weaknesses.”

In fact, it’s not just that Williams implemented these measures as a reaction to potential meddling from Russia in 2016, but that he already had these measures in place prior to the 2016 election. Also from the article:

“Colorado is certainly hitting all the high points that we’ve been arguing others should,” said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology and an expert on voting systems. “It’s hard to compare states apples-to-apples because they’re so different, but Colorado has really been a leader.”

Now, if only voters could keep Democrats from meddling in elections. Looking at you, DCCC.