Apparently, Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, who lives in Boulder, doesn’t like guns and maybe doesn’t like immigrants either. Last night, Watts was trying to nail conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, who was complaining about Whole Foods (or something). Here’s what Tomi Lahren wrote:

“Let’s play a game! Go to Whole Foods, pick a liberal (not hard to identify), cut them in line along with 10-15 of your family members, then take their food. When they throw a tantrum, remind them of their special affinity for illegal immigration. Have fun!”

Um, ok. And here is what Watts wrote in response:

Hm, so a couple of things. Immigrants didn’t come into this country to clean your toilet, Shannon. Employees of Walmart don’t make $7.25 per hour. Finally, this tweet reveals more about Watts’ elitism than it does about immigration.

But what else would we expect from Watts, a privileged liberal from Boulder.