Well, that took a hot minute.

A federal lawsuit has been filed — to no one’s surprise — against the City of Boulder for the weapons ban passed by the council this week.

The Mountain States Legal Foundation filed the suit on behalf of the Boulder Rifle Club and Bison Tactical, a Boulder-based business that makes and sells gear for guns.

Looks like they will be forced to relocate their business because of the city ordinance.

Also joining in the lawsuit is Boulder resident Jon Caldara — the KOA and KHOW talk show host and president of the Independence Institute.

It’s a pretty straight forward claim — the city is violating their 2nd Amendment rights, duh, and they want the ordinance repealed. They are also asking for compensatory damages and reimbursement for lawyer fees.

The Denver Post has the story. It appears that no one in city government was available for comment on the lawsuit they brought upon themselves, and will have to spend taxpayer dollars in order to defend their actions.

Stay tuned, because we don’t think this lawsuit is going away anytime soon.