Let’s just call this a case of “selective outrage.” The same folks who are trying to malign Republican State Board of Education director Debora Scheffel for possibly not living in her district turned a blind eye when Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez was accused of similar shenanigans.

Here’s an excerpt from a Westword article:

“When they got kicked out, Lopez would always end up at his grandmother’s house, the only house in Denver that he considers his true home. It was the place he claimed as his residency when Phillips filed a complaint with the Denver Election Commission stating that Lopez hadn’t fulfilled the requirement of living in the district for twelve months before running for the seat. At issue was a voter registration card from 2005 that showed Lopez living outside the district boundaries. But since the election law doesn’t define residency, the commission ruled that Lopez’s longtime connection to his grandmother’s house and District 3 was substantial enough for residency. However, the issue is still being reviewed by Denver District Court.”

Yet, when folks questioned Scheffel, it was a Democratic pile-on. Come on folks, this is silly.