With just about a month to go, a few of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate campaigns are in better shape financially than others. Obviously, Jared Polis can just continue to write himself checks, but will there be diminishing returns on his cash? Will Democrats willingly accept someone who is buying his way through a primary?

Surprisingly, Kennedy is in the worst shape financially with just $166,000 left in her bank account. Don’t feel too sad for her, though. She has the teachers union backing her campaign, which means boots on the ground and outside money. That said, Kennedy did raise the most this report among Democrats. Yes, we’re ignoring Polis.

Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne raised the least with just an $18,000 haul and former State Sen. Mike Johnston brought in just $48,000. Don’t feel too sad for him either. He’s got plenty of outside money from Mayor Bloomberg and other uber rich guys. Shockingly, he has over $800,000 in the bank, which may help carry him over the finish line. But not if he’s still polling at five percent among likely voters.

Here are the stats:

Jared Polis

Raised: $1,508,944.92 (the term raised is used loosely here as most of the money raised comes from Polis himself as we previously reported)

Spent: $1,456,165.41

Cash on Hand:  $559,229.32 (But who cares since he can just write himself another check?)

Cary Kennedy

Raised: $113,193.54

Spent: $380,911.92

COH: $165,831.90

Donna Lynne

Raised: $18,811.00

Spent: $91,610.56

COH: $238,418.80

Mike Johnston

Raised: $48,453

Spent: $85,424.04

COH: $801,329.51