Guess Democratic Congressman Jared Polis doesn’t want to be Governor of Colorado that bad. How else do you explain his efforts to get rid of tax cuts that benefit the middle class? The tax increase is part of a new bill that Polis is introducing to route the funds that would go to middle class Americans to student loans.

The cherry on this crap sundae is when Polis calls the middle class “special interests”. Heart warming. Here’s his quote from his statement:

“The Republican tax plan was all about special interests cashing in at the expense of everyone else. My plan shows what a difference we can make for middle-class Americans for even less cost. So many people go to school, get a job, and work hard but still struggle to get ahead because they are weighted down by student loans. It’s time to help them get out from the mountain of debt they are under.”

Of course his solution to the rising cost of higher education is to give people more loans instead of actually addressing the root cause of how expensive higher education is (ahem, administration). Not to mention that there is a huge mismatch between what people are going to college for and which jobs are available – in short, not everyone must attend college to be successful.

But he should go ahead and steal from the middle class to give to his friends in higher education administration. That surely will work out well for him in the general election. That is, if Cary Kennedy and the teachers union don’t knock him off the ballot.