State Treasurer Walker Stapleton has a wide lead among Republicans in a conservative region of the state, well ahead of other contenders in the governor’s primary race next month.

Those numbers were tucked inside a Magellan Strategies Poll of Republican voters in the 5th District congressional race against incumbent Doug Lamborn.

While Magellan was polling for the congressional race, they went ahead and asked the same 519 GOP and independent voters how they planned to vote in the gubernatorial primary. The margin of error is 4 percent.

Here’s the breakdown:

32% Walker Stapleton
18% Victor Mitchell
8% Doug Robinson
8% Greg Lopez
34% Undecided

Some interesting take aways from the poll — 16 percent of the respondents were independents, and of those unsure who they will vote for, 43 percent were women.

Robinson polled well with millennials and Lopez ran second in that group.

Mitchell was strong with voters over age 65, but not as strong as Stapleton who swept that category of traditional voters.

Stapleton also had high numbers with the Trump Republicans — 43 percent.

“In our view, the emergence of Victor Mitchell as the primary challenger to Walker Stapleton is obviously the biggest finding,” Magellan said in its release — but with a caveat. “While this sample, and the ballot test results could be representative of statewide Republican primary voter opinion, we want to be clear that it is not. We stress to everyone reading this survey summary to keep that in mind.”