The Fat Lady is singing in Durango because the effort to recall La Plata County Commissioner is finally over.

For now.

The county clerk said recall supporters fell short of the effort by 36 signatures. More than 7,500 were needed to initiate a recall election.

It’s been an unusual effort with some odd deadline extensions for the citizens who were trying desperately to rid themselves of the entrenched environmental activist, who’s been more interested in advancing those special interests than doing her job as a commissioner.

The Durango Herald reports Conservation Colorado was the biggest spender to protect

Lachelt’s seat, dumping more than $47,000 in the anti-recall effort — money they insist did not originate through previous contributions from California Billionaire Tom Steyer.

They blew through the money fast, and have about $9 left.

The recall supporters were totally outgunned money wise with just over $5,000 in their bank account, and spent nearly $200 more than they had.

That means voters will have to wait until 2020 to vote her out. Or, find bigger donors like Lachelt, and try again next year.