In case you missed this winner, Congressional District Six Democratic candidate Levi Tillemann (Dick) apparently thinks that elk are made of kevlar. At least, that’s the only conclusion we can draw from his ridiculous interview on FreeSpeechTV caught by Revealing Politics. Just watch:

Yeah, we wouldn’t trust him to make laws about gun ownership either. Thanks for demonstrating why, Levi. Of course, it’s debatable whether Levi’s misstatement is worse than his primary opponent, Jason Crow’s claim that he used AR-15s in the Army. Most soldiers these days use M4s (the M in M4 stands for military). As we explained previously:

“M4s are similar to AR-15s; however, the key difference is the ability to use either an automatic firing mechanism or a three-round burst, neither of which the AR-15s have. With AR-15s, it’s one round per trigger pull, unless it’s modified, like every other gun.”

So, Democrats in CD6 are to choose between a candidate who doesn’t know what kind of rifle he carried in the military, which seems ridiculously irresponsible and/or dishonest, and a candidate who thinks bullets bounce off elk.

Sounds like both men need to take a remedial class in hunter safety or maybe just physics. If we really want to prevent or fix gun violence, it helps to have some kind of baseline of knowledge about guns. Before either of these men lecture the population about gun safety, maybe they should understand it first themselves.