Kerrie Dallman

Well, well, well. Chalkbeat recently published an article about the growing rift between union advocates and reform backers, like Democrats for Education Reform, in the political sphere, but we think another point the teachers union made was more interesting.

Here is what Kerrie Dallman, who most recently served as the head of the Colorado Education Association and who also voted to restrict DFER’s use of the word Democrat, revealed to Chalkbeat about her thoughts on DFER:

“’What was most surprising to me was the realization was that it wasn’t just our association that has concerns about DFER’s outsized influence in politics and in education policy,’ said Dallman, who, as a party delegate, voted to oust the pro-reform group and who believes teacher effectiveness shouldn’t be based on test scores.” (the Peak’s emphasis)

Wait what?? She and her association had concerns about an organization’s “outsized influence in politics and in education policy?”

Weird. It’s almost like she read our minds. Only it’s the Colorado Education Association and their affiliates that have us concerned. What a stunning lack of self-awareness on the part of Dallman and her henchmen and henchwomen.

Over the past 20 years or so, the Colorado Education Association and affiliated groups have given over $14 million to candidates and committees at the state and local levels in Colorado.  That we know of. In contrast, a quick search of TRACER shows that DFER has given about $42,575.

Who has an outsized influence again?