Levi Tillemann’s campaign manager has a family, therefore he has quit the election effort to win the Democratic primary and unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the 6th Congressional District.

The sudden departure of Juan Rodriguez just weeks before the primary has nothing to do with the good ole boy network of the Democratic Party putting in the fix for Jason Crow, we’re supposed to presume.

It has nothing to do with fundraising, which Crow has the advantage while lying to his supporters that he won’t take corporate PAC money.

It’s because Rodriguez has a family, and needs to be with them.

This has been the campaign code phrase for decades signaling disaster ahead for the candidate.

Sometimes, the candidate just wants the employee gone and offers this “Get-out-of-campaign-free-cause-of-family” card as a peace offering.

But we suspect it spells doom for Tillemann’s campaign, and a likely victory for Crow and his Democratic Party cronies in the primary.

After all, the fix was in from the beginning for Crow.