It’s not often we get an email of any sort from Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette. Earlier this week, we surprisingly received an email from the Congresswoman touting her “accomplishments” in Congress and asking for cash.

What exactly are her accomplishments? Yeah, we had the same question. One was a law to provide physical protection to women entering an abortion facility. In the net paragraph, she also noted that she was focused on the issues we care about most. Which should be read as: the issues that fund her campaign.

Then, her campaign inserted this nugget:

“She passed the 21st Century Cures law, giving hope to millions of families searching for cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.”

That’s great. Except just last week she was the only member of the Colorado delegation to vote against the obviously needed “Right to Try” law, which allows terminally ill patients to pursue drug treatment still in trials. Why would she vote against that? Every Coloradan, at some point, will die. This is an issue we all care about.

Then, again, DeGette’s email shows precisely why she has a primary opponent. DeGette is still living in the issues of the 90s, like Fund Planned Parenthood Now!, and we’ve all moved on to more relevant and substantive issues. Who knows if her opponent has a shot, but DeGette’s money grab sure makes her look nervous.

Best of luck to her opponent, Saira Rao. We have no idea what she stands for, but DeGette is like the moldy piece of cheese in our fridge (ok, fine, pieces). It’s time to toss her out.