Democratic candidates for governor got the chance during a debate Thursday night organized by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to tell voters how they would address homelessness if elected.

In summary, the Democrats will avoid the issue at all costs.

The candidates were quizzed by organizers on how they would use the state’s resources to end homelessness in Colorado, a question that led most candidates to pivot to how they would provide more affordable housing and deal with concerns about education.

We bet the homeless were thrilled to hear they won’t have to sleep on the streets anymore once teacher unions gets everything they want.

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis did pledge not to arrest the homeless for being homeless and breaking the law.

Mike Johnston wants rent controls, because that worked out so well for New York City (sarcasm font).

Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne says what the homeless really need is a whole new bureaucracy to collaborate with cities and businesses on absolutely nothing in particular.

And Cary Kennedy, the presumed frontrunner, offered absolutely nothing of substance.

However, she later slipped in some promises to the teacher’s unions to give them more money to “refurbish” schools, and to “reform” TABOR.