The problem with identity politics that’s consumed the Democrat Party, a candidate only appeals to that one faction among the party faithful.

That’s the lesson being learned by candidates for governor as they struggle to capture voters outside a multitude of Democratic Party cliques.

The choices being presented to Democrats are to:

Vote for the first gay governor.

Vote for the first female governor.

Vote for the first teacher governor (caution, he’s a white male).

Vote for the first female governor with tattoos.

The Denver Post reports that Democrats, like most responsible voters, will eventually want more than slogans and signs.

Celeste Montoya, a professor in women and gender studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, actually admits, for example, “Not all women have the exact same political opinions.”

Gulp and gasp.

What many women and the gay community want, as well as African Americans, Latino, Asian, Anglo Saxon and every other origin in between including white males, is for candidates to identify with their hard work and struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table.

Last time we checked, our wallets weren’t gay, female, or teachers.

Voters don’t care what people or their partners look like, we care about who can best govern our state and economy.