The three Democrats competing in the primary to face U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in the general election need a strong and bold message to set themselves apart to compete for voters.

But it appears the presumed frontrunner, Diane Mitsch Bush has settled for a cookie-cutter TV commercial, that quite frankly could have been used for any candidate running for office west of the Mississippi.

She’s for the environment, water, education, and health care, in the most generic terms possible.

As if any candidate hates the environment, water, education, or health care — Democrat or Republican.

She also boasts her endorsements, like former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, emphasis on former because he was defeated in his reelection.

She’s liked by former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazer, who was Obama’s Interior Secretary.

That should give Western Slope voters a clue of exactly how she likes her environment and water — all locked up for no one to use.

She brags that former Gov. Bill Ritter endorsed her. He was so unpopular he didn’t even run for reelection.

It’s one of the weakest campaign commercials we’ve seen this season.

Also running in that Democratic primary is Karl Hanlon, a Carbondale water lawyer who has already been running ads proclaiming that if elected, he will hate Trump.

And, former Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi, who once belonged to the Green Party, is also in the race. He’s yet to run any ads, and he doesn’t appear to have filed any financial reports with the Federal Election Commission.

At the end of March, Mitsch Bush had nearly $164,000 cash on hand, while Hanlon had about $65,000.