Are you looking for a job? Has the shine worn off your Antifa mask? Do you hate Trump? Are you mad at the Republicans because we have 97% employment but you are a member of the tiny minority without a job? Have you dreamed about joining the #resistance? We may have an opportunity for you – and it pays $25 per hour!

Someone on Facebook is looking for “people to represent a progressive candidate in the 6th district” who are “passionate about resisting Trump” and winning back Congress. We are guessing that it’s probably Levi Tillemann (Dick).  Of course Jason Crow’s campaign, funded by Pelosi dollars, wouldn’t stoop so low as to troll unemployed hipsters on Twitter for work.   Steny Hoyer already has all those bases covered for Crow.

Besides, let’s be honest here, progressives hate Crow and wouldn’t work for the guy if he was the only Democrat within a 100 mile radius.  In fact, he and his establishment conies have treated Tillemann (Dick) so poorly that we’d be surprised if they could even bring themselves to vote for Crow in the general.

Keep up the good work Jason Crow.  Because of the way you have marginalized progressives during this campaign, you get to be just another footnote in the long list of Mike Coffman’s vanquished opponents.