Democrats have hit upon the most passive aggressive negative campaign tactic, ever.

The gubernatorial campaigns of Cary Kennedy and Jared Polis have filed complaints with the state Democratic Party alleging the other violated the Clean Campaign Promise, signed last year by all the candidates.

That’s right, they went crying and told mommy, Democratic Chair Morgan Carroll, that each had the audacity to campaign against the other.

We obtained copies of the complaints, and it appears that while on a long ride to a campaign event, Kennedy started crying that Polis kept kicking her seat, while Polis screamed denials and blamed Kennedy for starting it. Then mommy had to pull over and take away their Starbucks coffee.

We kid, what really happened is much more immature.

Kennedy’s camp filed the complaint with mommy first on Wednesday, crying over a TV ad run by the Polis’s campaign that complains Kennedy broke her word and is not running a “clean campaign.”

Then the Polis campaign filed a complaint that same day with mommy, accusing Kennedy’s campaign of being negative and providing the mean video footage used by PAC ads attacking Polis on his education record.

But wait, there’s more.

According to Colorado Politics, Kennedy’s campaign used the counter complaint as a fundraising tool in a mass email to supporters blasting Polis for filing a complaint against her.

The Polis camp says that since Kennedy has gone negative, they have no other choice to go negative as well.

We are still awaiting word from mommy to see which candidate will be sent to bed without their supper.