Have you voted yet?

This is the first Colorado primary where unaffiliated voters were given the opportunity to participate, and the Secretary of State’s office made some reporting changes to better reflect the accurate count of unaffiliated voters who choose to partake in the primary election.

In future reports, the Republican count will consist of the number of Republican ballots received from Republican voters and Unaffiliated voters who specifically asked for a Republican ballot. The same thing goes for Democrat ballots.  Remember that Unaffiliated voters were given the option to pre-select which ballot they receive, or to receive two ballots.

The people who elected to receive two ballots will be sequestered in a different stack, since it is not clear by looking at the envelope which ballot they returned.  These ballots will be counted as “in process” and the contents of each envelope will reported on once elections officials see what ballot was returned.

Additionally, there won’t be daily reporting right now. We will see ballot counts this Thursdaynext Tuesday, and then every weekday up to and including the primary election day on Tuesday June 26.

But there were some actually numbers that came in today, and those are below:

134,038 voters submitted their ballots
55,584 Republican ballots
52,952 Democrat ballots
25,502 “in process” envelopes

We will be back on Thursday with more numbers and a county by county breakdown.