Guys, this is dumb. Congressman Doug Lamborn’s detractors have plenty of content to go after him on, but a new attack ad makes the ridiculous claim that the Congressman supports the abortion industry. If there is any attack ad that is so wildly off the mark that voters will know it and laugh, or even support the guy out of disgust for his opponents – it is this ad.

The ad is run by the newly-formed Clean Up Our Congress PAC, which dropped $80,000 on the ad buy, according to electioneering campaign finance reports. Federal Election Reports show that the PAC’s treasurer is Ashley Ragan, a former Sen. Jon Kyl staffer who also serves as treasurer for the national (not Colorado) Senate Majority Fund. Coincidentally, the PAC shares an address with the law firm that tried to knock Lamborn off the ballot (and about 100 other companies that use this warehouse of mailboxes).

The 30-second spot consists of an ultrasound video with a voiceover by an angry woman accusing Lamborn of things a such as “funding Planned Parenthood with more than $500 million in taxpayer funds,” and helping fund one million abortions.  It also went on to claim that “when it mattered, he failed to protect the unborn,” and “if you’re pro-life, you cannot trust Doug Lamborn.”

The premise of this one, that voters are stupid, makes the ad even worse.  Colorado Springs voters are not stupid, and they know that Doug Lamborn, if nothing else, is not pro-abortion. In fact, Lamborn’s official Congressional website notes that he carried more pro-life legislation than anyone in the history of the Colorado legislature.  Someone wasted a lot of money here.

Because the PAC was organized in late May, the organizers and donors will not be known until some time in July when the period’s campaign finance reports are due. And we doubt that many people will look, and fewer will care, because the race will be over.