A new poll commissioned by the SEIU purports to show both Jared Polis and Cary Kennedy can beat Walker Stapleton in the general election.

The problem is, we don’t have a clue how many, or whether any Republicans were actually included in the union’s poll.

According to the poll briefing by Strategies 360, they included 387 Democrats for the Democratic primary survey plus an unknown number of independents. For the general election numbers, they polled 500 “likely voters” in the general election.

There’s no way to tell in the briefing whether they used the same Democrats and independents, or if they threw in a few Republicans for good measure.

But wait, it gets better.

The margin of error in the head-to-head poll is 4.4 percent.

Among “economically struggling” Coloradans — poor people — Stapleton is within the margin of error to beat both candidates with a split difference of only two percent.

Among rich folks, Polis leads with 43 percent to Stapleton’s 36 percent, while Kennedy leads with 45 percent to Stapleton’s 37 percent.

Polis is losing among his own wealthy peers to Kennedy!

The push poll is aimed at convincing candidates that voters want to hear more about how they will help the workers — that’s code for unions, not us regular folks with jobs.

For example, the poll asked if voters were more likely to support a candidate who supported state worker unions and stronger laws protecting unions. The majority said they were more likely, but a much smaller percentage of both poor and well-off said they would be more likely.

So that backfired.

Their spin?

“Yet, there is no evidence that embracing a pro-worker agenda, including pro-union positions, will harm their standing in November.”

So supporting unions won’t actually help much, but it won’t hurt either.

Meanwhile, we are heartened to see Stapleton doing so well among poor, Democratic and independent voters.