Democrats are doubling down on breaking their word in the governor primary race.

They promised to run a clean campaign, but now that their pledge has been broken into shreds of paper and set aflame, they are dancing around the bonfire of shame without a care in the world, except for getting elected.

The promise-breaking started with an ad from Cary Kennedy attacking Jared Polis, then both lodged complaints against each other with the state party claiming dirty politics.

Kennedy trumped Polis again by using his complaint as a campaign fundraiser, now the Polis camp is running negative ads against Kennedy, complaining about her negative tactics.

It’s a beautiful thing when Democrats show their true colors.

Brandon Rittiman with 9News has the truth test breakdown on the campaign smears here.

Rittiman also reveals the irony in Kennedy’s attack ad against Polis for supporting vouchers, when Kennedy herself did lobbying work “for a group that supported the same voucher pilot program he did.”