Gubernatorial candidates and supporting PACs already spent nearly $12 million just for television ads in the primary race, and no surprise, Jared Polis spent the most.

Out of 17 candidates and PACs that dumped those million into ads, Polis accounts for nearly 60 percent of the spending, according to data collected by the Colorado Independent.

The Democrat pulled nearly $5 million out of his change purse, while Republican Victor Mitchell ranked second with $1.7 million in TV commercial spending.

Frontier Fairness, the PAC supporting Democrat Michael Johnston, spent $1.3 million.

Republican Walker Stapleton has spent more than $821,000, while Democrat Cary Kennedy and teacher unions have dropped $1.3 million for her ads.

Normally, such spending would wipe out everyone’s wallet for a while and give us a break from TV ads until they regroup for the general election.

But this race, with gazillionaire Jared Polis’s bottomless wallet, nothing is normal.

If Polis prevails on Tuesday and claims the Democratic victory, viewers might want to invest in a Netflix subscription because it will be a long and annoying summer.