While it’s true that the Colorado Attorney General is not simply a litigator, those considering voting for attorney Phil Weiser should probably know that he’s pretty inexperienced in this area. And by pretty inexperienced, we mean entirely. In fact, in his legal career, he’s only litigated six cases. His. Entire. Career.

This according to Westword:

“Weiser has only ever been involved in seven court cases in the 24 years since passing the bar exam in New York. His campaign has tried to avoid directly addressing his relative lack of courtroom litigation, instead playing up his diverse range of legal experience.”

Ouch. Then again, we didn’t know that Joe (not Ken) Salazar was a lawyer at all (mostly because of his horrific case of verbal diarrhea).

Should voters care? Maybe not. After all, isn’t that what Weiser’s dad jokes are all about? Distracting us from the meat and potatoes of the campaign?

Nonetheless, his intent to hide his lack of experience should make voters think twice when voting in this race. Actually, scratch that. Between the choice of inexperienced establishment lackey in Weiser and raving lunatic in Joe (not Ken) Salazar, maybe Democratic voters will just undervote in this election.