Wow. Talk about a double standard. While liberals march in front of the state Capitol screaming for equal pay for women every April on Equal Pay Day, on the Twitter, their supporters scream that women shouldn’t be paid for the work they do. This, in the year of the woman. For shame.

Liberal Big Media Blog blogger Jason Salzman is using a campaign finance complaint that he filed against a Republican candidate for not disclosing his wife’s income from the administration of her family foundation to explain the new Secretary of State rules. Or so he claims.

In fact, what he’s doing is trying to soft peddle this smut on social media and via his blog because he – and whomever he’s working with – know that going after a candidate’s wife for receiving income for serving as executive director of an organization that supports countless charities across Colorado makes him look terrrrrrrrrrible. It’s annoying and passive aggressive. Ordinarily, he likely would just issue a press release and do a big media push.

Even worse, a supporter of Salzman suggested on Twitter that this candidate’s wife shouldn’t be paid for her work because that’s not what charity is all about, and, plus, she’s rich and doesn’t need to be paid (he quickly deleted the really ugly tweet). Or something.

Let us be super clear. Not only should women receive equal pay for equal work (emphasis on the latter half of that equation), but they should be paid for their work. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if their husband has a good income, it doesn’t matter if their family is successful. It doesn’t matter if the work they do benefits charities. Women who work deserve to be paid. Period. Anyone who suggests otherwise should be castigated for blatant sexism.

But go ahead liberals and continue marginalizing women. It’s what you do best.