Was it something we said? Last night after we harassed them about their lack of unity, Democrats threw together some kind of hodge podge show of support for newly-minted gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis.

On the right side of the aisle, Republicans hosted a well-planned unity tour yesterday in which all of the gubernatorial primary candidates were out in full force encouraging Republicans to unite around electing a Republican Governor for Colorado come November.

But where were Polis’ opponents this morning? Washing their hair, apparently.

Here’s the lame excuse from Michal Rose, executive director of Emerge Colorado:

Yeah, we get it, campaigning sucks, you don’t get to see your family. But, these three people couldn’t tear themselves from their “desk cleaning” duty to encourage their supporters to support the Democratic nominee? Not even for an hour or so? We’d make a joke about how filthy their desks must have been, but we’ve never been a fan of hypocrisy.

Fortunately, Hick was there to field questions about where Cary Kennedy, Mike Johnston, and Donna Lynne were and why they couldn’t make it to the rally. His response? Scheduling conflicts. Oh, there are conflicts alright.

The truth is that putting all four of these candidates on stage would only highlight how bitterly divided the Democratic Party is over almost any issue. Oil and gas? Kill it! No, all of the above. Education? Support teachers unions! No, support parental choice because we’re all here to provide a good education for kids, right? Democrats are entirely schizophrenic on the issues.

And what a slap in the face to Polis their absence is. It’s because of his money that Democrats have a decent shot of winning in November. Polis funded (continues to fund?) the infrastructure that allowed Democrats to gain a serious foothold in state elected offices. For them to not show up for him after he’s shown up for them over and over again is just shameful.

But we’d expect nothing less from the party of sore winners.