Stuff we can’t make up.

Employees of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains have voted to unionize, but their abortion overlords who are supported and coddled by Democrats, who in turn are owned by the unions, are actually blocking their way.

The workers are upset over low pay, the closing of clinics in the region in the wake of Obamacare, and they wish to join the Service Employees International Union, home of the Democratic Party.

But their fellow Democrats and bosses challenged the union vote with the National Labor Relations Board, which is controlled by Republicans.

Faced with the choice of supporting unions or Planned Parenthood, the labor board sided with the devil Planned Parenthood and granted an appeal.

Now we wait for that decision.

Over the course of their unionization attempts, staffers went on strike, suffered lost wages and insurance, replaced with scab workers complain they were subjected to meetings and given anti-union flyers. Oh, the humanity.

Without any hint of irony, Planned Parenthood released a statement saying they value the choice of all employees to form a union. Their argument is that the union shouldn’t just be limited to the Rocky Mountain branch, but to all centers in Colorado, New Mexico and southern Nevada.

Right. They don’t want to be forced to give raises to just a few, but to the many. We’ll see how that works out when the unions, most likely, call their bluff.