Mike Coffman, American male.

A white male liberal New York Times reporter is absolutely bewildered that Democrats can’t win a Colorado seat that’s represented by a white male because so many minorities live there.

The article doesn’t question how a white male (Democrat) can represent the entire state or how two white males (again, Democrats) can hold congressional seats.

They’re at their wit’s end trying to figure out how white man Mike Coffman can be so popular in the 6th congressional district, especially this year when he is being challenged by another white male (Democrat).

“If demographics really were destiny, this place would be a gold mine for the Democratic Party’s efforts to reap political gains from an increasingly diverse and nonwhite America.”

Democrats think they have their savior now in Jason Crow Trump’s immigration policy, which by the way, Trump has revoked.

Jason Crow. Nonwhite American?

The article describes fears felt by a couple of (legal) immigrants who live in the district, then goes on to tell the real story: immigration activists are working against Coffman because they would rather have a white male Democrat in the seat representing minorities, who in their view should only vote Democrat.

At least the story credits Coffman for the real reason he has held the seat: he listens to all of his constituents and votes in their interest, not on the basis of anyone’s party or skin color.