Has everyone been paying close attention to the news?

Of course not. The 4th of July holiday fell midweek, it’s summer vacation time, and who isn’t a little burnt out after the barrage of election news?

We can’t fault PeakNation™ for being a little behind, so we’ll bring you up to date.

Key Democrats have declined to unite around their nominee for governor, and Jared Polis has selected as his running mate for lieutenant governor, the issue of breast cancer.

Republican nominee Walker Stapleton also selected his running mate, but he has the good sense to wait until after the 4th of July holiday and give folks a chance to return from their summer escapades before announcing who it is.

The only ones miffed by Stapleton’s decision are some disgruntled Democrats, who until November, will take offense at every move made by the Stapleton campaign. It’s their job.

We think waiting is a smart choice. There is no law that says gubernatorial candidates must announce their selection immediately.

As a matter of fact, the lieutenant governor candidate has 30 days to file with the Secretary of State’s office.

Here’s what the Stapleton campaign had to say about the non-controversy raised by the Polis camp:

“I don’t think it makes sense to announce over the Fourth of July week unless you are in a hurry to try to change the narrative, which, after last week, Jared undoubtedly is,” Michael Fortney said, referring to U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

“He couldn’t unite the party, so he rushed to make his lieutenant governor announcement in hopes she could do what he couldn’t. I am skeptical. Or he didn’t read the entire law. Either way, not a good look.”

Candidates have a week to select their running mate, but there’s no language requiring candidates to make the announcement when absolutely no one is paying attention to the news.

Stapleton’s campaign is being smart, while Polis’s campaign is just desperate for any attention at all.