In case you missed it Aurora Sentinel Editor Dave Perry recently debated Laura Carno from FASTER Colorado on the merits of training some school staff or teachers to carry weapons to protect students in a mass shooting situation.

This is why anyone actually cares what Perry has to say on the subject.

Perry defended himself on Jon Caldara’s Devil’s Advocate, by insisting that teachers need at least 800 hours of training, and be SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) certifiable before carrying a gun.

Then his rationing fell into a bizarre loop and made us dizzy.

Only cops should carry guns in schools, but black people are afraid of cops. Plus, cops can’t be trusted to handle guns correctly, Perry explains. So cops are out.

Asked if teachers could be trained like pilots who now carry guns on airplanes to defend against terrorist hijackers, Perry said no.

He seems to think it’s easier to fire a gun safely in a small tube at 30,000 feet against a team of crazed assassins tightly packed around a hundred passengers, than to target one shooter with a gun in a giant building where everyone except the shooter is running away from the target.

Perry is adamant that school shootings can be prevented with the disappearance of guns from the planet, or, one school resource officer and a couple of metal detectors.

According to Perry’s logic, black people aren’t afraid of police officers with a different title, and police officers with a different title don’t accidentally discharge weapons.

The final nail in the coffin of that argument — not all school resource officers are assigned from police departments. Some schools contract out with private companies that provide trained security guards.

So basically, Perry doesn’t want teachers to be trained in active shooter situations and how to carry and use a weapon in those circumstances. He wants a rent-a-cop with a gun.

Quite honestly, Caldera made a strong argument that teachers can and should be trained like pilots to add a layer of safety to schools.

Perry would have been better off just admitting that he’s anti-gun, anti-law enforcement, anti-teacher and has no realistic solution, whatsoever.