It’s official. The sorest loser in the Democratic Party primary is Saira Rao, who lost to Diana DeGette in the 1st Congressional District race.

Of course it’s a racist statement, but it doesn’t appear in the article that Joey Bunch of Colorado Politics asked Rao that specifically when he interviewed her about the tweet.

Bunch phrased it in a more delicate manner:

Asked about stereotyping white people, Rao answered, “It makes black and brown people cringe for white people to tell them they’re being racist.”

Memo to Rao: White people who are not racist, don’t much care for being called racist, either.

Rao wasn’t happy about the resulting article, and claims Bunch accused her of being a racist.

We doubt that. Joey’s a straight-up, no games journalist. But she persisted.

Reality alert, when an entire race of people are bashed based on the sole color of their skin, it’s called racism. And it’s ugly, no mater which color is targeted.