Did we miss some sort of cataclysmic shift of historical western values and fierce independence of voters on the Western Slope signaling the demise of Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in his November reelection bid?

We did not.

That tremor reported by the media that the 3rd Congressional Republican holding is on shaky ground turned out to be just wishful thinking.

The Cook Political Report has shifted their crystal ball prediction of that election from “solid” Republican to “likely” Republican, but it’s not based on any actual polling.

If Republican office-holders across the country go down in the flames of anti-Trump fervor, the Cook Report says the 3rd District is “worth watching in a wave.”

State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, a social policy professor from wealthy Steamboat Springs who grew up in Minnesota, won the June 26 Democratic primary with 64 percent. She emphasizes her ranch conservation efforts, but may have a hard breaking out of the liberal stereotype.

Bush will have a hard time breaking out of her liberal stereotype, because she is the liberal stereotype.

According to our own crystal ball mined from the depths of the Rocky Mountains, Tipton’s seat is safe.