Lindsey Singer, communications director, Colorado Rising

There might be some confusion about who Colorado Rising is. We were confused. Is it an arm of America Rising, the group of political operatives dedicated to doing oppo on left-leaning candidates or a ragtag crew of environmentalists spouting off inaccuracies about the fracking process? The two groups happen to share a name. In this case, it’s the former.

In case you missed the flurry of video ads online from the group yesterday (we can’t seem to escape the online ads) you can view one here. We sat down (virtually) with the group to ask the group’s communications director, Lindsey Singer, a few questions about the new operation.

1) What are you guys doing in Colorful Colorado?

Colorado Rising Action sees that Colorado’s future is at a tipping point. We can either continue to tout an economy and lifestyle that is the envy of the nation, or we will tax and regulate ourselves into becoming mini-California. We will work alongside existing organizations and bring the expertise of America Rising Squared, using tracking, opposition research, and rapid response communications to hold elected officials accountable for their positions.

2) What are the most urgent public policy issues facing Colorado today?

Some of the issues we’re focusing on are energy and the environment, infrastructure, education funding, and opposing government-run health care. We will be closely watching candidates including Jared Polis and Jason Crow and their positions on these issues.

3) Does Colorado Rising plan to be here for the long haul, or is it a short-term project?

We’re planning to have a permanent presence in Colorado. This isn’t about one race or one candidate, it’s about how the policies will affect Coloradans.

4) What’s your favorite Colorado political blooper?

That time in 2014 when Mark Udall doubled down on his proclamation that ISIS didn’t pose an imminent threat and America Rising was there to catch it.

5) Rockies or Broncos?

At Colorado Rising Action we like our Rockies in the summer and our Broncos in the winter, and we’re fans of both year-round!

America Rising has produced some pretty bad-a$$ videos and research in the past, so we’re excited to see what the group will bring to Colorado. Welcome!