Colorado Public Radio ventured across the Western Slope recently to push poll interview Mesa County voters on the highly charged issue of children immigration.

Their theme:

“President Trump’s immigration policies — especially the past practice of separating thousands of migrant children from their parents at the border — have divided the country in recent months.”

Looks like Mesa County voters didn’t take the bait, and were clearly able to distinguish between those who immigrate legally, and what happens to those who break the law and enter the country illegally.

“We feel for those kids. We feel for those people. We know they want to come to a better place. But they’ve got to do it the right way,” (Deborah Erbisch) said. “What they are doing is wrong and that they are putting their kids in harm’s way.”

Of course they felt bad for the children who were put in the care of social workers instead of going to jail with their parents to await court hearings.

To the dismay of public radio, Western Slope folks are standing by President Trump’s immigration efforts.

The only Mesa County Republican they could find who was mad at the president is one who no longer even lives there, and didn’t support Trump in the Republican primary.

If the liberal media spent half as much time finding common ground as they do in ferreting out and exploiting differences in policies, we might have already solved many illegal immigration problems and parents would be immigrating legally with their children.