It’s never a good sign for a campaign when staff shake-ups are the norm. That’s why we’re questioning what the heck is going on up in Greeley. In a Complete Colorado exclusive, reporter Sherrie Peif revealed that radical liberal Rochelle Galindo’s campaign manager, Deb Suniga, has quit. Galindo is running as a Democrat in House District 50 to replace Democrat Rep. Dave Young who is running for State Treasurer.

This is the second campaign manager to quit in just four months. Frankly, we’ve heard it’s because Galindo is…difficult…to work with. Peif wrote the following about the rationale behind Suniga’s departure:

“She said the stress over philosophical differences pertaining to how much time staff should devote to the campaign was not worth the risk to her health.”

Should make things interesting down at the Capitol should she be elected. You know, because her job at the Capitol would be to work well with others.

Here’s what Suniga, her campaign manager former campaign manager, said about her departure:

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to believe that although I may share similar goals for House District 50 and the State of Colorado, we have a difference of opinion on how to reach those goals.”

Her former, former campaign manager cited similar challenges. Best of luck to Gallindo. If she can’t keep campaign staff now, wait until things heat up in the general.