We were hoping for a machete when U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman officially cut the ribbon Saturday at the VA hospital in Aurora.

As much work, sweat, and outrage equity as Coffman has put into bulldozing bureaucrats into finishing the behind-schedule, over-budget project, he had every right to hack that ribbon into a million pieces.

But of course, he was a statesman. Just look at that smile.

Coffman nailed the momentousness of the occasion, without letting the feds off the hook:

“While this hospital is a testament to our nation’s obligations to our veterans, it also represents the largest construction failure in the history of the Veterans Administration.”

Lots of top dog VA officials were suddenly eager to be here for the event, which this time did not include a grilling by the congressional delegation. Jared Polis even showed a sudden interest in the project and showed up to campaign for governor.

Just because the building is completed, VA officials better stay on their toes.

The hospital will begin accepting patients next week, and if one of them is in any way mistreated, they can bet Coffman, once again, will be breathing down their necks.