We’re on the brink of cancelling our Denver Post subscription, because quite frankly, the paper’s gone completely lame.

What was for years one of our first reads of the morning, is now an afterthought. It has become mostly breaking news and clickbait, and political news has practically vanished.

This was on the front page of their web site for more than a week after the election last month.

It turns out the reason for the lack of news is because the political reporting team has quit.

Corey Hutchins of the Colorado Independent writes the Post’s political team has collapsed —five have quit recently, and it shows.

The Beltway correspondent, Mark K. Matthews is going to write for greenies full time at E&E News; an editor, Chris Rickett is splitting the state and headed to the Indianapolis Star; and, political writers John Frank, Jesse Paul and Brian Eason all quit and will work for soon-to-be-competetor, The Colorado Sun.

That’s the new digital-only start-up news site in the works by former Denver Post staffers, set to debut sometime this summer.

It doesn’t appear the latest departures were amicable. Hutchins writes that Denver Post Editor Lee Ann Colacipoppo has easily replaced them with “a more committed staff of journalists who believe in the paper.”

But wait, there’s more cattiness directly from Colacipoppo:

“Our readers are going to get better news, more news, better-written stories than we ever had with the people who left.”

We seriously doubt that.