A company hired by Colorado Rising to gather petition signatures against fracking has split town and didn’t bother paying the workers on their way out the back door.

Rest assured, Colorado Rising said in a statement, losing the contractor won’t sink their efforts to demand setbacks for energy development from any person, place, insect or blade of grass.

Oh yeah, and they feel just terrible for the activists who worked for this so-called grassroots effort and didn’t get paid for their commitment to the environment, or something.

Here’s what Anne Lee Foster of Colorado Rising told Colorado Politics:

“Wage theft is a very serious problem in Colorado and we hope the appropriate authorities will pursue this matter on behalf of these dedicated workers. As per our contract, we made full payments to DAP.”

So, don’t come looking to Colorado Rising for any help or compensation for carrying their political burden, because they already paid the contractor, Direct Action Partners (DAP).

Just because they say they feel bad about it, doesn’t mean they will actually do anything to remedy the situation or take actual responsibility.